About Us.

Our restaurant is a collective of wonderful professionals striving to make delightful Indian cuisine !

With the sole moto of providing the rich Indian flavor’s, the most sought Indian Family restaurant “Bawarchi Khana” was established in Wellington in year 2016. At Bawarchi’s our mission is to give our customers a place to celebrate life's special moments by offering delectable food, excellent service, and ambience. We provide an environment where absolute guest satisfaction is our highest priority. We are inspired to bring to you an experience of vibrant and true Indian cuisine that transcends you to the exotic world of fine dining.

Our specialty includes Bawarchi’s Balti, a combination of chicken, lamb and vegetables cooked in onion gravy and tomato sauce, served with capsicum chunks. We assure that no other eatery in the city will be able to match the crisp and tempting food served by us. Our qualified Indian chefs prepare the food with love, using our unique recipes and choosing the best authentic ingredients and spices to create flavorsome dishes. Visit us to refresh your memories of tasting ever best food, back home in India.

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